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10 Easy “Honesty” Lessons For Your Children

Posted: December 08, 2017

They say honesty is the best policy but many kids today are not being taught this vital life skill. Parents often inadvertently allow their kids to get away with lying, not realizing what kind of habit this can foster and how it can affect the rest of their life. Just as with Martial Arts or any other type of skill, honesty must be practiced in the home and community to ensure a child can fully embrace it with confidence.

When it comes to teaching honesty, lessons can occur at any time and anyw

What’s Missing In Todays Youth? In A Word, Honesty!

Posted: November 04, 2017

Kids these days! How many times has this statement been uttered as older people shake their heads in wonder? Unfortunately, honesty is no longer the existential character trait people once highly regarded. Instead, we are creating a generation that feels they do not have to be honest and actually are inadvertently rewarded for being dishonest.

Although we could attempt to blame society, television, even the school system for the lack of honesty among the younger generations, parents need to be

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