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AVOID BECOMING A VICTIM: Keep Safe This Holiday Season!

Posted: April 05, 2017

The holiday season is upon us, and it is definitely a very special time of the year.  

Unfortunately, this also means that people become busy and are not always as aware as they should be.

Thieves and criminals are aware of this and become especially active during this time of the year.

If you are enrolled in our Adult Martial Arts / Self-Defense Classes at Fraser Heights Black Belt Academy, you are already at an advantage to not become a victim this holiday season.  If you a

10 Tips Parents Can Use to Build Confidence & Leadership in Kids

Posted: April 05, 2017

Every parent wants happy, healthy and confident kids.

Here at Fraser Heights Black Belt Academy, our instructors feel that teaching kids martial arts can help build self-confidence in children of all ages. The techniques we practice at our school help children become accurate in their movements, skilled in their learning and confident in their martial arts skills.

As a parent, here are some suggestions on how you can can instill self-confidence in your children

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